portable 3d projector of Images that are Touchable Holograms with Artificial Intelligence for medical surgery

Coming in near future!!!!

We have a major development in holographic technology. This new device we have created can project 3-dimensional touchable images. This results in major advances in holographic tele-presence technologies.

—For example, I can conduct an interview in Washington, D.C. from the comfort of my own home and buy from our e-commerce as if the products are in the room with me.

— a 3D, high-resolution, full size image of my body could be projected on stage in front of a live audience over 6,000 miles away using ultra sound in a very small containment that projects image in the air that is touchable.

Other applications include:

—the visualization of 3D data acquired through a 3D scanner, or a computed tomography scan.

—Commercial applications for surgery, protection for the home for single woman, senior citizens with health issues, disabled persons living alone that require companionship and a protector against illness or an invader of the home, office assistance that can make phone calls for them also includes advertising and branding.

Problem - the Need for Touchable Hologram with Artificial Intelligence & Cloud E-commerce that is a portable projector.New Cloud that can connect with or without to a portable Touchable Hologram 3-D projection with Artificial Intelligence pre-visualizer and Applications.We have a major development in holographic technology.

Describe your competitive advantage and barriers to entry

We have tested the market the idea with various group of customers, waiting on patient, have studied this type of cloud and e-commerce for 3 years research. While all of the competitors have not move toward 21 century in their cloud service.Our biggest challenge is producing enough units to keep costs low and maintain a large community of tech savvy buyers. Your contributions will help our efforts and push this nascent technology further than even our imaginations can predict.

What is your business model?

The first component of our value is "utility." It means that whatever we are delivering to our customer has to be fit for the purpose the customer will give to it. In essence, for any goods or service we deliver to a customer, having utility means that the customer can enhance the performance of their own assets, or remove some sort of constraint that prevents them from receiving more value from their assets. And improve their quality of life. And our nation security

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